How Web Development Services In Atlanta Contribute To Website Success

Today’s online shoppers are accustomed to shopping on well-designed and fully-developed websites. Stylistically, they prefer a more sophisticated presentation rather than a template design or do-it-yourself website. They also expect the website to function properly, provide an easy-to-use purchase and checkout process, as well as an SSL certificate for secure shopping.

For an Atlanta business of any size, working with a professional web development business is critical to meeting the demands of online consumers. While it may seem like a cost-saving idea to design and launch a do-it-yourself website option, this decision can have a negative impact on overall website success.

The Importance of SERP

SERP, or search engine results page results, are a critical factor for a new business or an older website that is being relaunched. New content, correct meta tags, and the overall design and navigation of the site all factor into Google algorithms.

When a website is very low on a SERP, the chances of a customer clicking on the site are extremely low. Ideally, a website needs to be in the top five listings to engage a potential customer to click on their site.

The Importance of the Landing Page and Website

With the use of a professional web development team, your business has a structured, visually attractive and very user-friendly website. Additionally, it is unique, which means more pages clicked by visitors, further pushing the website up the SERP.

Of course, the bottom line is still conversions of those new visits. The functionality combined with the visual appeal of the website is the key to success for any Atlanta business. Professional web development services work closely with your business to develop a customized, tailored website offering the features that attract new customers and bring back your existing customer base.

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