How to use your Gynecology doctor and services at your local hospital for optimum health

Regardless of age, women need to see a gynecology doctor at least once a year to ensure their complete health and well being. A gynecology doctor and services offer trusted health care to ensure the reproductive health of women of all ages. These services can be received from a local health clinic or from a local hospital. All that is needed is to make the appointment once a year and schedule any follow up visits as needed to ensure complete health and well being.

Routine and specialized care

Gynecological services include both routine care and specialized care for women and young adults. This care is provided in a safe medical setting where one or more nurses are always in attendance. Once a year women receive a standard checkup and this involves a pap smear for cervical cancer screening. Women can also see the gynecologist if problems crop up such as a missed period, pelvic pain, or other conditions.

Conditions needing specialized treatment

For more advanced conditions, treatments are available from the gynecology doctor and services are provided safely. Before any treatments are administered, it is first essential to receive a complete diagnostic assessment from the gynecologist. Some of the conditions and health concerns that will be addressed include abnormal menstrual cycles, incontinence, menopause, endometriosis, ovarian masses, uterine bleeding, vaginitis, and urinary tract infections.

Any additional conditions being experienced can be discussed at a gynecologist’s appointment. Here they will perform testing to determine the cause of the discomfort and to be able to provide the most effective treatment for the patient’s condition.

Contraceptive services

A gynecologist is the main doctor that will provide a female patient with contraceptive options. Whether the individual is interested in hormonal contraceptives, non hormonal contraceptives, or long acting reversible contraception, they can get the trusted services they need from local gynecology doctor and services.

At St. Margaret’s Hospital, we provide gynecology services for women of all ages. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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