How To Tell Reputable Moving Companies From Shady Operators

While the vast majority of movers in Atlanta fall into the category of reputable moving companies, there are always those that use unscrupulous and even shady or illegal practices.

The good news for consumers is the ease in spotting the reputable moving companies and also the telltale signs a mover may fall into the shady category. By simply asking questions, reading reviews and doing some independent verification of the company online you can choose a top moving company and avoid the scams.

Established Businesses
Operating a moving company is a very costly business. Some trucks have to be purchased, equipment that has to be maintained and professionals that need to be hired and trained.

All reputable moving companies will run their business like a business. They will have an office, there will be people answering the phones and questions, and requests will be responded to promptly.

Scam moving companies typically run off of voicemail and answering services, and you will almost never have a call answered, as they are screening calls to avoid dealing with past customers. These companies will also be very vague about where they are located, and you will not find an address or any physical location listed on their website or marketing information.

Accept Credit Card Payments

The reputable moving companies in Atlanta will accept a variety of different payment options, including major credit cards and debit cards. A sign of a scam company is a company that demands payment in cash only.

One of the reasons that the less reputable companies will not accept credit cards is the option for the consumer to dispute the charges or reverse the payment. Since these companies are often dealing with very upset customers, the want to make sure the customers have no recourse when the company doesn’t live up to their contract.

Refuses to Provide a Binding Quote

All reputable moving companies will provide their customers with a binding quote or a not-to-exceed binding quote. The first provides the price of the move while the second will allow the customer to pay the lower of the actual weight cost of the move or the quoted price based on the in-home survey.

The less than reputable moving companies will offer a non-binding quote and may try to tell the customer this is the “fairest” option as they only pay per the actual weight. However, the company then quotes low to get your business, knowing that the actual price may be double or more of what they are putting on the estimate.

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