How to Save on Landlord Insurance

Rates for Landlord Insurance policies are usually higher than those of home owner’s policies because insurers see rentals as a higher risk. The greater risk comes because the landlord isn’t always on the premises. However, comparing policy costs can help landlords find policies that are affordable. In the following article, landlords can learn how to choose the coverage that best suits their needs and their budget.

A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Landlord Insurance Policy
If a person has home owner’s insurance, they can talk to their agent about adding landlord insurance to the account. However, it makes sense to Get A Free Quote Today from different insurers. Companies offer policies custom-made for landlords, and some differentiate between policies for homes and condos. The average policy covers the building, personal property and exterior structures from losses related to vandalism, fire, flood or theft. Tenants’ belongings aren’t covered; they will require renter’s insurance for that need. Tenant liability is also covered, as are legal expenses in cases involving tenants.

A landlord should choose a Landlord Insurance policy that completely covers their rental properties, and that will pay for rebuilding in the event of a disaster. If a property is undervalued, the landlord won’t get enough for rebuilding, and they can lose their entire investment. To save, the landlord can choose a higher-deductible policy, but they should remember that they will need to pay that deductible when filing a claim.

Save by Adding Safety Features to a Rental Property
Most insurers offer discounts based on safety features, and landlords should tell their agent about smoke alarms, burglar alarms, fire extinguishers and other safety add-ons. Many insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies; the landlord should see if their carrier offers such a discount for bundling home, car and life insurance.

The best landlord insurance policies also cover income loss. If a renter does not pay rent on time, or at all, the policy will cover the economic loss. Landlords can add extra coverage that pays while a rental sits unoccupied as repairs are made. By choosing the right insurance, a landlord can protect their property and their investment. Visit for further details.

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