How to Save Money with an Energy Efficient Home Designs Manhattan NY

Beyond Design & Remodeling can help optimize home energy efficiency and cut energy cost through careful planning. Their remodeling design professional, experienced in construction and energy-efficient home designs Manhattan NY, can conduct a home energy assessment of the entire home. This energy assessment consists of looking at any problems that may exist within and outside the house to help find cost savings energy efficient solutions.

Home Energy Assessment Audit

An energy technician can assist in providing a home energy assessment that consists of the following:

     *     An evaluation of the outside of the house, for problems that can exist around the walls, joints and under the eaves of the roof.

     *     They will also check for basement and roof leaks and for any openings in the attic that may allow cold or hot air to come into the home.

     *     Insulation of the home is evaluated to ensure that they are placed correctly and evenly to protect the home from the outside elements.

     *     The doors and windows are tested of drafts that can work against the cooling and heating systems.

     *     Checking the lighting fixtures and bulbs to ensure that they are halogen incandescent, light-emitting diodes (LED), or compact fluorescent that use less energy and saves money.

     *     The electronics and appliances are checked to see if they are energy star compliant.

     *     Inspection of the holes where the electrical lines pass, and the duct work within the home are assessed to see if they are properly sealed.

     *     The water heater and furnace are checked to see how old and energy efficient it is.

     *     The climate and the homeowner’s behavior will also be evaluated.

Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

When remodeling an existing home, it is most cost and energy efficient if a home energy audit is conducted. This home energy assessment can save the homeowner money by providing a complete energy report that will give the homeowner an idea as to which efficiency upgrades are needed. These upgrades can make the home more durable, comfortable and more energy efficient. Using energy efficiency products can bring about a 5% to 30% savings. Obtain these savings through an energy efficient home designs services by Beyond Design & Remodeling in Manhattan NY.

Locating an Energy Efficient Home Designs Manhattan NY

Beyond Design & Remodeling provides kitchen, bathroom, basements / attics, and full house / apartment renovations and remodeling services in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY. For further information, browse our website.

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