How to Save a Dying Tooth with a Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio

Tooth problems are sometimes unavoidable. Even if you are strict about brushing and flossing each day, you may still find yourself in the dentist’s chair for more than just a cleaning. For some people, genetics are the problem. Others may damage teeth while eating or as the result of an injury. No matter the reason, you may be referred to a Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio if your dentist feels the tooth is at high risk for extraction. Having a root canal performed is often the only way a dentist can save a tooth from being pulled.

Infected teeth are the result of bacteria getting inside the pulp chamber, which houses the nerve of the tooth. The nerve is usually protected by layers of dentin and enamel, but a cavity or crack in the tooth may allow dangerous bacteria a direct route to the nerve. When the nerve become inflamed, the patient will experience excruciating pain. The tooth will become sensitive to both hot and cold foods. Chewing may even become painful. If damage to the nerve shows up in an x-ray, the patient will be sent to a Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio. The sooner a root canal is performed, the better chance they have of saving the tooth. Click here for more details.

During an appointment with the Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio, the patient’s mouth will be fully numbed. The dentist will drill deep into the tooth, allowing them access into the pulp chamber. Both the nerve and the pulp of the infected tooth will be removed. A special rubber-like material will be used to fill the empty space. After the tooth has been thoroughly disinfected, the dentist will seal it shut with a filling material. If the procedure was performed on a molar, it is recommended that the tooth is covered with a porcelain crown. This will prevent cracking in the future.

Root canals are painless. While the procedure may take a few hours to complete, the patient shouldn’t feel any discomfort during this time. If a sudden toothache wakes you up in the middle of the night, you need to call Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Sylvania OH to schedule an exam. Tooth infections are dangerous, so it’s best to schedule a root canal before the situation gets worse.

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