How to Properly Care for Vinyl Records in Philadelphia

There is nothing quite like listening to old vinyl records. The sound is unsurpassed. Even with all of the latest advancements in digital music, vinyl records in Philadelphia are making a comeback. Even some of the top current artists are releasing their new albums on vinyl. Those who collect records know the importance of taking care of their vinyl collection. With proper care and handling, records can provide many decades of entertainment.

Records are very sensitive. They can get scratched easily, and they are also prone to warping. When picking up a record, be sure to only handle it by the edges or the label. Avoid touching the grooves around the record. These grooves are where the sound is recorded, and touching them may damage the playing quality. If a record gets dirty, it is important to wipe it clean before playing it. Many record stores, such as website, sell a special solution that is designed specifically for cleaning vinyl. Be sure the record is completely dry before putting it on the player. Many record collectors also recommend wiping records down with an anti-static cloth or brush before use.

Storing records is just as important as handling them properly for play. Vinyl records in Philadelphia, or elsewhere, should never be stacked on top of each other. Instead, store the records vertically. A crate or large bookcase is a great place to store them. Records should be kept away from direct sunlight. Therefore, avoid storing them by a window. It is also important to keep the temperature of the room comfortable. Excessive heat may cause the vinyl to warp. If this occurs, the record is likely to skip while being played.

Choosing a record player is also very important. Don’t be enticed to buy an inexpensive player simply because of the low price. Instead, search for a high-quality record player. Be sure to read several reviews before choosing one. A good player will last longer, and it will be less likely to damage records when in use.

Following these simple care and handling tips will prevent your records from becoming damaged. Storing the records in a safe location and using a high-quality record player will also guarantee you get many years of listening enjoyment out of your vinyl collection.

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