How To Prioritize For AR Accessories

There are many reasons why serious gun owners often have at least one AR in their collection. In many cases, it is the ability to customize the gun to the specific shooting requirements of the gun owner which makes these a popular option for competitive shooters, hunters and those who just enjoy a day at the range.

Of course, every AR 15 owner has his or her own reasons for choosing this weapon. They also have their own set of priorities for customizing the gun. New AR 15 owners may find it difficult to choose from all the different AR 15 accessories possible, but there are a few tips to prioritize choices.

Specific Requirements

Serious and experienced AR 15 owners tend to have a specific reason to customize or modify the stock components of the gun. While the aesthetics of the weapon will always be a concern, shooting accuracy, the ability to mount a variety of different AR 15 accessories and improvements in the comfort of shooting will be as important if not more important for most owners.

Determining what improvements are needed in for the gun will help you to prioritize. Most gun owners will want to add some magazines, including those able to hold more rounds, but be sure to know any restrictions in your state.

Gas busters or charging handles are also important AR15 accessories to consider. These can improve the functioning of the weapon, but they can also help to reduce the risk of gas and debris blowing back on the shooter.

Sights and rail risers are critical components for the overall accuracy of the weapon as well as mounting options and shooter comfort. Determining what you want to focus on first will be the critical first step in the process.

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