How to Prevent Houston Local Movers from Adding Extra Costs

When you are planning to move in Houston it is most likely that you will require the professional help of local movers. Houston moving companies should be ready to offer you a quote. This will involve have the movers come to your house and give you an estimate of the overall charges. However, you might find yourself incurring some extra charges you did not anticipate. Below is a list of ‘extra charges’ to avoid.

Give a Specific Destination

When seeking the services of local movers, you should give the exact location of your destination in Houston. If you even you are off by a mere mile, your mover many increase the cost. You should try to avoid this because it can also potentially cause a delay if the movers are lost in finding your home or office.

Find Adequate Parking

This is essential when moving. If you don’t have adequate parking, the movers will have to walk further to be able to get your furniture in the house by hand to and from the truck. Eventually, this could result in long carry charges.

Ensure Elevator is Working

If you live on a high floor and the elevator is out of service, and you failed to indicate in your contract that it is not working – it might cost you. The movers might add flight charges, which will stretch the fee you pay for the service.

Extra Pieces of Furniture

Extra furniture that was not indicated in the original inventory list is also a red flag. However, this mostly applies to long distance, because local movers would have to pay for distance plus each worker on the hour.

Any Other Special Considerations

Always inform your moving provider of any other special considerations that may prevent them from conducting a normal and routine move on your behalf. If there are any obstacles that prevent moving professionals from conducting moving tasks at your residence, this should be communicated clearly to the movers in advance.

Consider the above warnings when acquiring the services of a local moving company in Houston, to help ensure that you don’t incur any extra costs.

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