How to Prepare a Home for a Slate Roof Installation in Nassau County NY

A residential roofing system serves as an insulator, aesthetic enhancer, and weather barrier. To fulfill these functions without hindrance, a roofing system should ideally be without defects. Homeowners that have damaged roofs may choose to install a new roof system that offers durability and increased appeal, such as a slat roof system. The following tips can help a homeowner prepare for a slate roof installation in Nassau County NY.

It’s important to read and understand any contract signed with a roofing contractor. The terms and conditions of a roofing contract can be confusing for people not in the roofing industry. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the roofing contractor. The contract may have to be revised to accommodate certain fees and services. Do this promptly before the job is set to begin to avoid a delay in the job.

Ensure that the roofing contractor and his crew have ample parking space for their vehicles. The driveway and area in front of the curb should be cleared before the movers arrive. Also, the movers will need access to the roof all around the home. Remove objects such as lawn furniture and toys that can get in the roofers’ way. Take all wall hangings down to prevent them from falling and breaking. Protect assets in the attic by covering them with large tarps. When the roofers will be going inside the home, place sticky mats in the entryways these workers will be using. This will help lift dust from the bottom of the roofers’ shoes.

It’s considerate to inform neighbors of the impending Slate Roof Installation in Nassau County NY. This will help them be ready for an elevated level of noise. All roofers should be informed when there are children in the home. Their work tools will need to be secured when not in use. Also, dogs should be kept out of the yard unless on a leash until the job is finished. By using these tips, a homeowner can help the roofers do their job and encourage superior workmanship. For information on roof services, please browse our website. North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp. offers residential and commercial roofing services.

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