How to Pick the Right Skid Steer Tires in St. George UT

Skid steer tires are specialized types of tires that are used on backhoes, handlers, loading machines, and skid steer machines. These type of tires are heavy duty, larger than typical tires, have high ply ratings, and have extra deep lugs. In order to pick the right Skid Steer tires in St. George UT, follow these helpful tips.

Assess Terrain

In order to determine the type of skid steer tires needed, the type of terrain the tires will be used on needs to be known. Figure out if the tires will be used on smooth and flat surfaces or if they will be used on uneven and rough surfaces. It is best to choose flat proof skid steer tires if the machine used will frequently be on flat surfaces. If the machine used will frequently be on uneven and rough terrain, choose pneumatic tires instead.

Determine Tread

The tread of a tire refers to the rubber on the circumference of the tire. The tread is what makes contact with the ground when the tires are moving. If the terrain is flat and smooth, then the tread does not need to be heavy duty. For flat and smooth areas, choose a standard tread. For rugged and muddy areas, choose a beefy or heavy duty tread. Picking the wrong type of tread can end up limiting the effectiveness of traction in the tire. It can also end up wearing off the tire as a whole. In turn, replacement tires will be needed frequently.

Make Sure It Fits

Before choosing the correct Skid Steer Tires in St. George UT, make sure the tires will fit the machine they are being bought for. In order to do this, measure the rim of the tire that is already on the machine and compare it to the measurements of the tire that you’re looking to purchase. Make sure it is an exact fit. Also, it is important to determine the width of the tire in inches. This will ensure that the new tire is neither too big or too small for the machine it is going to be attached to.

Follow these three tips to assist in picking out new skid steer tires. If any assistance is needed, contact your local tire store by clicking “contact us” on their official website.

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