How to Pick a General Contractor for Your Home Remodel

Choosing a general contractor in Oakland CA isn’t a decision you can make on a whim. Here are a few reminders to make sure you end up with a safe bet.

Hire local

Engaging the services of local businesses comes with plenty of advantages. For one, you’re likely to deal with someone you know. Another reason is the easy access this hiring decision affords. It’s easy enough to swing by a local contractor’s job site to check out results and decide if the company’s team is exactly what you had in mind.

Ask around

It won’t hurt to ask friends, family and neighbors in the community about the company. There’s a pretty good chance that someone you know has already used the contractor’s services in the past. Asking questions gives you insight into their experience. Do they recommend the company? Will they use it again in the future? These questions will help you arrive at the right answer.

Check credentials

Don’t hire a general contractor in Oakland CA without thoroughly checking your contractor’s credentials and qualifications. Is the contractor licensed, bonded and insured? If that’s not the case, then spare yourself the trouble and stress. Look elsewhere for help.

Read reviews

These days, disgruntled voices have a wide reach. That’s why it pays to check out company reviews. If you find a lot of positive reviews, then you know it’s safe to proceed with the selection and hiring process. Negative reviews, on the other hand, tell you which companies are bad bets so you can give them a wide berth.

Consider the timing

Excellent contractors often have a lot on their plate. If you want a particular contractor to take on your home remodeling project, then check the contractor’s schedule. Give him a call to ask about the timing of your project, the Military says.

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