How To Motivate Employees When Fire Resistant Coveralls Are Needed

Those who have worked in dangerous conditions for extended periods of time usually understand the necessity of wearing protective clothing, such as fire resistant coveralls. Anything can happen any time, and it’s important that your employees remain as safe as possible. However, new hires or those who’ve been there for years may forget or not realize the necessity of such clothing options and may try to get away without wearing them.

The Problem It Causes

Of course, not wearing fire resistant coveralls can lead to burns, clothing that melts into the skin and other damage. Employees must be aware of the danger, but as the owner of the company, you should understand the repercussions from your end. You could be sued for damages and medical bills, whether you knew protective clothing was a necessity or not. You may also lose business because someone got hurt and you are held liable. When customers hear about it, they may choose to go elsewhere.

Transitions Are Tough

Employees and people, in general, are prone to dislike change of any kind, even those changes that can make them more productive or safer. If they don’t know the reason for the need, they may ignore the rules and could get hurt.

There must be a need for the protective clothing, and it must be fully documented. Tell others of any incidents so they are aware and want to protect themselves.

It’s also important that you’re realistic with your requirements. You can’t expect people to change before they come into the building or wear fire resistant coveralls for the duration of their shift. Know which areas are prone to flames and require fire resistant coveralls be worn in those areas only. Otherwise, the costs could become too high, and people will ignore the rules. Visit MPE at website for more details. We are also on

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