How to Make a Carved Ice Block in Suffolk County NY Last Longer

Turning an Ice Block in Suffolk County NY into a beautiful ice sculpture is a great party decoration. It is also fragile. Ice melts, obviously, but you want your sculpture to last throughout the entire party. Generally, ice sculptures last 4-6 hours, but if the event will last longer than that then consider using these tips to make the sculpture last longer:

Refrigerated Delivery

Make sure to choose an ice sculpture company that delivers the ice in a refrigerated vehicle. Otherwise, the ice starts to melt before it even reaches the event location. Of course, if the sculptor makes the decoration while at the event them this tip isn’t necessary.

Indoors or Shaded Area

Place the sculpture in a shady area if it must be outside. The best place for an ice sculpture is indoors away from the sun completely. Place it away from windows and central heating. If you really want the sculpture to last, crank up the air conditioning in the room or install a simple air conditioning unit nearby. Make sure the room is cooled down before placing the sculpture inside.

Unveil Sculpture at Last Moment

When sculptures are first unveiled, they are a transparent white. It takes a little bit of melting, about 20 minutes, before it turns clear. Don’t unwrap the sculpture until 20 minutes before guests will arrive.

Place Ice Around Sculpture

Ice sculptures are usually placed in a tray to collect the water as the ice melts. You can also fill the tray with ice cubes to keep the sculpture cool. Use a tube to drain the water from the tray regularly so it doesn’t overflow.

Use LED Lights

Lights look cool with ice sculptures. Colored lights add some flair to the ice. The problem with lights is that they give off heat. That heat will melt the sculpture faster. To avoid the ice melting faster, use LED lights. LED lights don’t give off heat or only give off a tiny amount. The also use less energy.

If you want to use an Ice Block in Suffolk County NY to turn it into a pretty sculpture, then visit for more information.

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