How to Keep Your Sump Pump Well Maintained

Your sump pump is tested not during the summer, but during those rainy days. It is then when you notice that it has malfunctioned. During these days, the fast flow of rainwater contributes to the ground water which will make the water table rise more quickly. The pump kicks on as the ground water level reaches the float activation point. This keeps the water level below the basement and therefore lessening the pressure below of the basement floor. A non-functioning pump during rainy days could lead to wet walls and flooding. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have an extra pump just in case the main one malfunctions or at least perform frequent maintenance with the current pump you already have. Sump pump installation in Rochester Hills is offered by professional plumbers.

Avoid Disaster in Your Basement

The solution to avoiding disaster in your basement is simple; you need to have a secondary backup battery sump pump installed in the basement. When you hire a professional plumber they will come by your home and repair the current sump pump that has malfunctioned on you already, and they will install a backup sump pump system. The backup pump system will be configured and designed so that if the primary pumps fail due to power interruptions, it will kick in and monitor for any presence of excess water in the pump basin. It should also work in parallel with the primary pump to expel water from the sump pump basin, especially when the down pour is severe and the basin is filling up at a high rate in which the primary pump cannot handle. This kind of sump pump is unique in its own way and since it has a battery as its power source, it will operate solely on an AC source or an outlet. It is a true fail safe system in which it will protect your property in the event of a power failure and will also back up your primary pump when it fails.

The Benefits You Gain from Having a Sump Pump

There are many benefits to gain from having a backup sump pump installed. Your property will equate to a huge cost savings in water damage. Moisture will be removed from your basement which can cause mildew, molds and fungus. The sump pump can prevent insect and termite infestation, paint and wall coverings from peeling and corrosion and rust of metal appliances from happening.  Another added benefit to getting a battery backup sump pump is, most or some insurance companies will lower your rates and may even pick up the cost for having the pump installed.

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