How to Get the Most from Your Commercial HVAC System

Running a business is not easy and you have to think of as many ways as possible to save money and avoid headaches. Your HVAC system is an important part of your business and keeping it in good condition will cut your energy costs and result in fewer things to worry about. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your cooling system to increase your investment.

Do Not Neglect Winter Maintenance

If your cooling system must sit for several months, the technician can make sure there will not be any problems when it starts up in the summer. A York AC compressor or any other well-made commercial compressor can develop problems like flooded start, and a qualified AC professional can help you prevent these issues.

Now May be the Best Time for Upgrading or Replacement

Suppose your AC professional tells you your York AC compressor has seen its better day. If the rest of the HVAC system is in good condition, you may be able to purchase and install a remanufactured or new compressor. If you have an AC technician you can trust, he will advise on the most cost effective option which may include replacing the entire HVAC unit. The money you save on lower energy costs can help you recoup your investment within a few years time.

Keep It Clean

Like all equipment, when you keep it clean, an HVAC system will run better and develop fewer problems. There are simple things just about anyone can do to ensure your cooling system is running better. For example:

* Change the filter at least once a month – this keeps dirt, dust and debris from getting into the system.

* Keep the condenser coils clean. If your unit is on the roof, you may need to have a technician come out and clean the coils once a month. While he is there he can change the filter and inspect for other problems. The condenser coils are usually out of doors and this is where heat is dissipated from the cooling unit, after it has been removed from the building. For example, if you stand by condenser coils of any cooling unit you can feel heat. This is because a cooling system works by removing heat, and it does not actually create cold air. When these coils are clean, the cooling system can work more efficiently.

* Spring cleaning – before summer, have your technician clean your HVAC system. He will check all components like York AC compressor units, condensers, fans and blower motors. This will keep you running cool all summer long.

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