How to Find the Right LASIK Doctor

The best results from LASIK surgery stem from the right doctor. This type of surgery corrects the misshapen cornea, which often causes farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism, through a very distinct excimer laser utilizing ultraviolet light. The surgery, however, does rely on having the best doctor for you in Jacksonville. Here’s how.

1. Get A Referral

Receiving a referral from your current eye vision specialist will guarantee you get a LASIK doctor who is trusted by your current provider. They would make sure you receive the best care from a doctor they know either from past experience, from osteopathic medicine conferences or past patients recommendations that your regular eye doctor can support.

2. Compare Other Surgeons

After finding surgeons, it’s ideal to compare them. The risks of refractive procedures differ not only between the surgeons themselves but also from the type of laser used. One surgeon may have more experience with one laser rather than another and this experience is also crucial for receiving the best outcome. It’s also important to compare the validation of their credentials, and where they received their training.

3. Read

Most surgeons will give you their own patient information packet upon review. This packet would go in depth on the procedure as well as the outcomes. After reading it, mark what concerns you or what questions you have. The right surgeon would be open to discuss these.

A Few Questions to Ask Your Chosen LASIK Doctor

  • How many procedures have you done?
  • What is your success rate versus your complication rate?
  • If a complication occurs, what is your follow-up plan or policy?
  • Can you clarify your billing policy and make sure it outlines where all the costs will be used?

There are tons of doctors out there specializing in refractive surgeries and while it may seem hard, finding the best fit for you in Jacksonville will give you the most satisfying outcome.

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