How To Find A Portland Oregon Motivational Speaker

If you plan to have speakers at your meeting, sales rally or convention, you are probably in the middle of finding one and realizing that it is challenging. Hiring professional speakers are the best option for many, even though newbies and those without a lot of experience could be less expensive. The problem is that they may not be able to motivate the audience or provide the best and most stimulating content possible. Professionals have gone to school and understand the craft and art of speaking, which can include storytelling, drama, comedy, speech construction and interacting with the audience in an appropriate way.

Because anyone can call themselves a Portland Oregon motivational speaker, it can be difficult to know which ones are professional and most appropriate. There are three primary things to consider, which can include style, topic and cost.


Professional speakers will cost more, which can be the first point to consider for many. Contact multiple speakers in your area, tell them what you want, and get a quote for their services. If most of them are within a particular range, they are likely professionals. If you have someone who charges way too much or too little, they probably aren’t as professional, because they don’t even understand the going rate for speaking events in the area.


There can be many styles of speakers, such as keynote, humorous or dramatic. In most cases, it will be best to choose an entertaining motivational speaker in Portland Oregon, because they will deliver the best content and make people laugh. Laughter is proven to reduce stress and when people are waiting for the next punchline, you know they’re listening to what is being said. With that said, all humorous speakers can deliver the content you require, but not all speakers can be entertaining or funny. If you want humor, you’ll have to find someone that can do so.


The topic itself will vary depending on the speakers and the event. For a sales rally, you’ll want someone who understands the nuances of selling and can pepper in personal experience with what the conference is about. You’ll want to interview them, tell them what you want, and then let them go. It may be helpful to listen to one of their events, so you know first-hand what they can do and how they do it.

A Portland Oregon motivational speaker should fit within your budget and talk about the topic at hand. Visit Doug Dvorak’s website to learn more.

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