How to Create a Great Guest Bedroom

Part of being a great host is having a guest bedroom that provides space, privacy, and comfort to your guests. While guest rooms are notorious for having terrible beds, ugly furniture, and doubling as a storage room, there are some thing you can do to make sure your guests have a pleasant experience.


This is still a room in your home, it should match to the overall theme of the house. Try to avoid turning it into a storage room for décor pieces that you are no longer interested in; it should not be a dumping ground for outdated or ugly pieces. The mix-match clutter that can be seen in many guest bedrooms does not provide any sense of home or comfort for your guests.

Storage and Organization

Providing your guests with a closet and chest of drawers is going to help your guest relax and feel at home. A laundry bin for used clothing is also a great idea, as it helps them stay tidy. It is preferred that you provide them private vanity space, to allow them to unpack makeup, hair styling products, and toiletries. This is going to be very helpful if a private bathroom is not available.


Do not skimp on bedding in your guest bedroom. Nothing says gracious host like a comfortable mattress set in Jackson, MS. High quality sheets, comforters, and blankets will also help your guests be comfortable. Many people may feel they can skimp on this, as these products will be used infrequently. However, with high quality purchase, these items going to last for a long time; the added value is very clear. It also shows that you value your guests’ comfort, and are not going to cheap out on them. Finally, make sure your guests have access to extra blankets, so they will be able to be comfortable if the guest room is somewhat cool.

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