How to Choose the Right Embroidered T-shirts to meet your Needs

Custom t-shirts come in all shapes and sizes. While most people think custom t-shirts are made with flat processes, such as screen printing, there are also other methods, such as embroidery. Embroidered t-shirts are used to create uniquely beautiful designs that are customized to the person’s taste.

What is an Embroidered T-shirt all About?

An embroidered t-shirt is different than a screen printed shirt, mostly because embroidery stands out from the shirt and gives it texture. Embroidery can be done on things other than t-shirts as well. It is typically seen on baseball hats but it can be done on t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts as well.

Choosing a T-shirt for Embroidery

One of the main things to think about when you decide to get an embroidered t-shirt is the material of the shirt. If the shirt’s material is too thin, it will not stand up to the embroidery. The material of the clothing must be thick enough to stand up to the embroidery so that it does not bunch up or droop under the weight of the threads.

Options for Embroidered T-shirts

There are many options for embroidered t-shirts. Some people chose to have patches or logos embroidered onto their shirts. This is often the case for sports teams or organizations. These are most often placed on the chest of a shirt, but they can also go on the outside of the shoulder. Many sports teams choose to have the team logo or an image of their sports equipment used on embroidered shirts so the images or words really stand out and are noticeable, fashionable, and stylish.

Find a Professional to Help you

The key to getting a well-made, nice looking embroidered t-shirt is having a professional printing company help you with all aspects of your creation. From choosing the proper material of the shirt to creating the actual embroidered design, a professional printer can make all the difference. When you want something done right the first time, for a good price, you need an experienced and qualified t-shirt printing shop.

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