How to Choose the Perfect Photo Panel

A photo panel is a beautiful way to display your favorite memories or works of art. This type of photo printing creates a photo that appears to float on your wall, with a beautiful finish that makes the photo look like a work of art. When you choose a photo panel from ArtDotz, you have three choices you’ll need to name to choose the right finished product.

Choose the Size

We offer two sizes for photo panels: 16 by 16 and 20 by 30. Each creates a bold, big photo that can be a beautiful focal point for a wall. Choose the size that best suits your wall space. Also consider how the photo would look. A perfectly square image would look best as a 16 by 16 print, while something with a more elongated scene, such as a landscape, would look better as a 20 by 30 print.

Choose the Paper Type

We offer three types of paper finishes for photo panels. Glossy is the classic shiny finish that brings out all the color and detail in your photo. Metallic is a textured finish that gives your photo a cool metallic edge. Anywhere in the photo where there would be white or lighter colors, metallic paper shines through for a cool foiled appearance. Finally, the luster finish is a balance of glossy and matte. It does have a nice shine, but it will reduce the glare that often makes people shy away from glossy finishes.

Choose the Sub-Frame Depth

We offer two depths for the sub-frame. The sub-frame is the invisible frame behind the photo panel that won’t be seen when you hang the photo. We offer a half-inch sub-frame that will have your photo floating very close to the wall, and a one-inch sub-frame that sets your photo away from the wall slightly. The one-inch frame is our most popular. It gives your photo a very cool floating effect and also makes your photos stand out more. However, if you have a very narrow area that you are decorating, you may want to choose the half-inch sub-frame instead.

The ArtDotz photo panel printing takes between seven and 15 business days, so be sure to consider each of these factors in time to get your gorgeous wall display started today. These are beautiful for a gift or to transform a focal wall when you are redecorating.

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