How To Choose Contemporary Fireplaces For Any Room

While a fireplace may be a very traditional addition to a room, it doesn’t have to be traditional in its design or its style. There are several different ways to include contemporary fireplaces into any room of the home and keep that cozy feeling.

The key to choosing any type of fireplace from contemporary to traditional is to think about what type of fireplace is the best. The two biggest considerations are wood versus gas and if you are updating current fireplace or considering a new installation.

Wood or Gas

Choosing wood or gas for contemporary fireplaces is a matter of personal taste and preference. Wood fireplaces are going to be more work, but they also provide that natural crackling and authenticity many people enjoy.

Gas fireplaces are low maintenance and instant on and off with no need for buying and carrying wood or removal of ash after the fire. The new technology behind the flames produced with gas fireplaces provides a very realistic fire look, much different than the gas inserts and fireplace options of the past.

Design Consideration

In a formal dining room, a kitchen, living room or a bedroom a fireplace with contemporary lines and style will be a natural choice. These fireplaces can feature a variety of media to highlight the modern style.

The media can include glass, which adds a very modern look, or the use of the river rock types of media. Both are less traditional in their presentation, giving contemporary fireplaces a distinctive look.

With the option to convert a wood burning fireplace into a gas insert even a traditional type of fireplace can be upgraded. The contrast of the rock or brick traditional hearth and chimney and the modern media is a perfect match for any interior design. They will create a look that is eye-catching but also in harmony with the rest of the room.

Free Standing

Another look that is contemporary as well as traditional is the free standing stove. This is a different look than a fireplace, but it is a perfect addition to a room where a compact design option with venting through the walls rather than the roof is a consideration.

Free-standing gas stoves have a glass front for a very modern look. They do not require a hearth, making them a fireplace option that can easily be positioned on any external wall. With clean, crisp lines and options for media, they are yet another consideration in finding the perfect addition to your home.

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