How to Choose a Therapist for Your Teenager

If your teenager is having behavior problems or personal issues that need attention, choosing therapy can be a great option for treatment. Picking the right therapist can mean the difference between success and failure. You should look for a therapist that is right for your child, your family, and your situation. Here are a few other details to look out for.


A qualified therapist is the most important part when picking the right counselor. Make sure they have proper licensing and training. You want to make sure that they are properly trained to take on the work that is required for curing teenage behavioral issues. Many states require ongoing training or education, check your state’s laws and ensure you only interview therapists that are up to date.

Therapy Method

Another attribute to look for is the therapist’s therapy style. Know what you want and require and ensure that the therapist can provide that. Do you need a strong and bold approach? Do you need a gentle and soft approach? As the caregiver, you know your child the best. Choose the best style that suits both your teen and the family. Teenagers in therapy in Minnesota and other states all have different therapeutic needs. Picking the right method can make all the difference.


The cost associated with therapy can vary from therapist to therapist. Define your budget and look for a therapist within your means. If your teenager is under an insurance plan, that may affect the fees. Make sure your therapist knows what you expect financially and confirm they are able to meet those requirements.


Make certain that your teenager and the therapist have developed a trusting relationship. Note if there is a level of comfort between the two and that your teenager is at ease after each session. Ask the therapist if they are happy with how things are going. Trust your instincts to ensure your teenager is in safe and professional environment.

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