How to Choose a Paving Contractor

Whether a store has just been built and needs a parking lot laid, or an existing paved surface needs to be repaired, finding the right paving contractor is the first step toward ending up with the best results. Choosing a contractor doesn’t have to be impossibly hard, but it does require just a little bit of leg work to ensure that they are working with a reputable company.

First, keep in mind that a balance must be reached between quality work and meeting a reasonable budget. When getting quotes, keep in mind that if the bottom line seems just a little bit too good to be true, chances are it is. The paving industry is plagued with its fair share of scams and disreputable contractors who make promises that they can’t keep, so be sure any company or contractor chosen is licensed and insured. Getting a quote, and a reasonable time line, up front in writing is also helpful, as it weeds out companies that are likely to charge an arm and a leg for hidden fees and unnecessary services.

Industry Experience

Commercial property owners should be particularly concerned with this aspect of choosing a paving contractor. Some companies, and many individuals, only have experience working with residential projects. Filling potholes or resurfacing a driveway just doesn’t amount to adequate experience when it comes to completing a commercial grade job. Whether a parking lot needs to be repaired or replaced, it’s best to hire a contractor who has completed similar projects in the past on at least as large of a scale as the one in question.

Service and Communication

It’s important that the contractor both understands the problems that need to be fixed, and is able to provide a clear description of what will be done to solve them. Ask what solutions are appropriate, and if the answers seem too vague, rule that company out. It should be clear from the get-go how much work needs to be done, how long it will take to do it, and how much money the project will cost. Visit website to learn more about the paving industry, or to contact a contractor for a quote. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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