How to Choose a Good Home Renovation Contractor

A little effort is needed to find the best contractor for your home renovation job, but if you follow these simple steps, you will save yourself plenty of stress and sleepless nights.

Get referrals – word of mouth is without a doubt the best way to find the right contractor to handle the job. Speak to family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues and find out from them, what contractors they recommend. Ask too, why working with that contractor made it a good experience, how the contractor dealt with problems and whether they would use that same contractor in future.

Look at the contractor’s credentials – with referrals in hand, do some research of your own by visiting the contractor’s website or giving them a call. Check if the contractor has all the necessary licenses together with designations from professional associations. Find contractors who have undergone courses and passed demanding tests to gain specific certifications. Remember though, to find out exactly what is required, since not all certifications are created alike.

Interview potential candidates – narrow down your list of contractors and arrange meetings. Try to keep to about three candidates because more than that will only become confusing. Ask plenty of questions during your meetings and take note of how the contractor responds.

Get references – ask to see some previous projects, and if they’re to your liking, call these former customers and ask how good the contractor was at executing the project. Was the contractor always on time? Did they stick to the a budget? Was the customer pleased with the result? Does the customer think that something could have been carried out differently?

During your search for a good Home Renovation contractor, remember that you are paying for a service rather than a product and the quality of service will govern the quality of your project when it’s finished.

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