How To Build Visually Stunning Retaining Walls IN Waukesha WI

A retaining wall is used to hold back dirt, but in addition to acting as a source of structural stability, they are also used to create height and dimension in an outdoor patio. The process of installing retaining walls in Waukesha WI may seem easy, but it is a complicated task that requires a great deal of planning. Before a homeowner attempts to build a wall on their own, they should gain a full understanding of the process and determine if it may be a job best left to a professional.

Wall Design

The first step in building retaining walls in Waukesha WI is to design the wall and determine where it will be located. Use spray paint or string to determine the exact location of the wall, and then decide which brick options will provide the most natural look. Creating a plan ahead of time will make it easy to begin the construction process and will help an individual determine how many bricks they need to finish the project.

Initial Preparations

Once the design is created, the preparations begin. First, dig a trench along the section of grass where the wall will be built, making sure that the first line of pavers will be a minimum of 3 inches below the surface to provide greater structural integrity. Next, fill in the trench with paver filler, which is a loose gravel mixture that keeps the bricks in place and prevents them from shifting during the building process.

Stone Placement

Once the filler is in place, the next step is to begin laying the bricks. Set them in place and use a rubber mallet to tamp them in the ground and a level to ensure they are even. Once the first row is complete, continue with the next set of blocks making sure to follow any design patterns to achieve the desired outcome.

A retaining wall is an excellent addition to any size outdoor area. Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited and learn more about their retaining wall construction services and give any outdoor space a unique visual appeal. They provide support with the entire process, from design to construction, and will have a project completed in a matter of weeks.

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