How To Be Energy Efficient And Safe With Residential Window Repair And Services

If your windows are old and faulty, they’re making your electric bill higher and they could be a safety hazard. Cold, drafty air can enter your home in the winter through old windows that aren’t properly sealed. This makes your furnace run longer, which raises your electric bill. Broken and nonfunctional windows can be dangerous in your home. To keep your windows energy efficient and safe, contact a company that specializes in Residential Window Repair and services. Read the questions and answers below to learn about the importance of having reliable windows in the home.

Q.) What can a homeowner do to keep windows from letting in cold drafts?

A.) To keep the cold air from entering your house, place foam weather strip along the sides of the windows where you see gaps or feel cold air coming inside. Peel off the backing to reveal a sticky side that adheres to your window frame. Cut pieces of heavy, clear plastic to place over your windows in the winter to help keep the coldness out. Hang heavy drapes or curtains over your windows to help insulate your home. If these quick fixes aren’t working to keep the cold air out, call a company that offers window repair services.

Q.) What are some ways that windows are unsafe?

A.) If there are broken panes in your windows, have them repaired immediately. The glass could easily fall out of the window and cause an injury to adults and children. Windows should lock securely from inside to keep someone from breaking into the house. Rotting wood window frames can fall apart and splinter. If there is a fire in the home, windows that are sealed shut and inoperable cannot be used as an escape route. If the windows in your home have any of these issues, contact an experienced company that performs Residential Window Repair and services. An experienced crew will make the needed repairs to your windows to ensure that they’re safe.

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