How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home With A Custom Landscape Design

Landscapes are created for many reasons including enhancing the look and feel of your home’s exterior space and helping reduce damage that may be caused by things like wind and water run offs. If you want to increase the curb appeal of your yard, you will look at different things – from existing plants and shrubs to walkways and gardens. Creativity and functionality are key aspects to emphasize on. A landscaping company can help you out with your custom landscape design in Charlotte, NC and here are a few things that will step up the look of your yard and gardens:

Do the Cuts
You may have overgrown foundation plantings that are blocking light and detracting the architectural details. You can remove dead and diseased plants, and trim the leggy shrubs. This way, you will increase the space available for your outdoor activities while ensuring that your landscape features don’t look crowded.

Have a Focal Point
Where are your eyes all set once you get into your home? Do you see the colorful herbaceous bed first when you get there or is everything just cluttered and unbalanced. Your outdoor space should have a focal point, which tells your eyes where to look first. It can be anything – a fountain, a bench, a patterned hardscape, a blossoming tree, or even a sculpture. The focal point feature sets the tone for the landscape design and it should be bold enough to do that.

Mix Things Up
You want to have a balanced and unified landscaping feature, but you also need to ensure that there is an inherent flow from the front to the back and side to side. When placing the plants, think of the height and layers they will create so that you have the visual impact you need. You don’t have to have everything looking evergreen; get flowering shrubs within the borders of the evergreens.

Don’t allow your landscape to look messy allover; seek a landscaping company to help you with ideas on how to improve the appearance of your outdoor space. A custom landscape design in Charlotte, NC will help create that first impression that will leave you and your guests saying, “Yes, this is a perfectly designed landscape!”

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