How the Disabled and Elderly Can Benefit from Stairlifts in Guildford

Many people living in the United Kingdom with a disability choose to get stairlifts in Guildford installed in their home. Also favoured by the elderly, these motor-powered devices are designed to make getting up and down the stairs that little bit easier. Rumour has it that King Henry VIII invented the stairlift, and that they have been used since the third century BC! Now, the modern stairlift can be used to improve mobility on a temporary or permanent basis.

If you suffer with a debilitating disability that affects your daily life, or if you are an elderly individual who wants to regain independence, consider getting stairlifts in Guildford installed. Run on electricity, these chairs track the shape of the stairs to offer the following benefits for the user.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

Each year, more than 400,000 elderly people living in the UK will go to hospital as a result of an injury that occurred at home. Stairlifts in Guildford are a brilliant health and safety device, because they allow a person to get from room-to-room with ease. Many devices are designed with safety controls and have a battery back-up, meaning they can operate if there is a power outage. Built into the design is a seatbelt, which offers added safety for the user and peace of mind.

Practical and Economical

There is no need to move to a bungalow or flat to have stairlifts in Guildford adapted to your home, because various practical and economical options are available. Most are designed to work on curved or straight stairs, and you can choose from new, rented or reconditioned devices. Regardless of whether the stairs were constructed with wood, brick or cement, the chair lift can easily be installed by a professional. Connected to the lift is a hand gadget, which can be used to operate the stairlift.

Various Design Options

You won’t have trouble finding stairlifts in Guildford to suit your needs, because there are lots of design options to choose from. In today’s market you can find one that matches your weight requirements and the style of your property. Straight stairlifts are the most popular, and installation usually takes no longer than an hour. Curved stairlifts work for stairs with half-landings or curves but will cost more, as they must be custom manufactured to fit properly.

Bentley Mobility have been helping people get through their day by providing quality stairlifts in Guildford for more than 25 years. Visit their website to find out what products are available.

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