How Short Stay Serviced Apartments are Changing the Nature of Travel

With the increase in international and intra-national travel both for business and pleasure, commuters look for temporary housing to fit their busy lifestyles. Business and vacation travel can range from one night to a months-long stay. This is especially true as jet-setting has become easier and more common than ever, not just for the elite, but for the average individual. While traditionally the only two options available to such travelers have been hotels and, less frequently, traditional rentals, short stay serviced apartments are now available in many cities throughout the world.

Renting an apartment on a short-term basis can involve many unnecessary complications. It requires finding a landlord who doesn’t mind the hassle of acquiring a tenant for a short period of time and furnishing the apartment in order have necessary things, both of which can be very costly. On the other end of the spectrum, staying in a hotel for longer than a few days can feel stifling and impersonal. Hotels can also cause an individual unnecessary expenditures and inconveniences due to traditional hotels’ lack of kitchen amenities and laundry facilities.

By contrast, short stay serviced apartments enable travelers to reside in a temporary home, which relieves them of the difficulty of securing traditional apartments or staying in sparsely furnished hotel rooms. Pearl Apartments is the one-such business that offers short-term rentals for anyone who desires a home away from home. Located in Kenya, the business has three complexes designed specifically for each guest’s needs. These apartments offer a wide variety of amenities such as swimming pools, full kitchens, balconies, and exercise rooms. Guests are able to select units ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments. These apartments are perfect for anyone traveling to Kenya on business or for vacationers who desire a more personal setting.

Short stay serviced apartments employ professional and knowledgeable staff who can help the guest navigate the surrounding area. Since the staff members reside in the general vicinity in which they work, they are able to offer inside information regarding the best services and entertainment venues in the area. Pearl Apartments also offers many amenities available in traditional hotels, such as laundry and housekeeping services. Laundry services are offered in addition to conventional laundry facilities so that guests can decide which they prefer. In this way, the units act as hybrids between traditional apartments and hotels and thus offer the best of both worlds.

Next time you need to travel for work or pleasure, consider short stay serviced apartments. These new residences are changing the way people live away from home by merging the benefits of a personal setting with the services of an established venue. Short stay serviced apartments make the complexities of travel that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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