How Power Take Off Clutches Work

There are a lot of different parts on most vehicles, and the average person probably doesn’t realize what all of them are, let alone what they do, unless they are the type of people who study cars as a hobby or a living. One of these items is the power take-off clutch, which comes in a variety of different types depending on the vehicle it is being used on. Here is some more information about these types of clutches, how they work, and what they are used for.

The first type of power take off clutch is driven by the engine crankshaft, and many may not consider this one even though it technically fits the description. This type is often used for vehicles such as cement mixers, where it is located toward the front of the vehicle.

Another common type of power take off clutch can be the tractor style. For these types, the clutch is usually located toward the back of the vehicle and only engages when you power up the transmission clutch. Otherwise, it remains off.

The last type of clutch is the truck style, which is often used to drive a hydraulic pump for a hoist or a winch. If you have a larger transmission, you may end up needing to have multiples of these installed on your vehicle.

These types of clutches can do a lot; they convert the rotary power of your vehicle into hydraulic power, which helps the vehicle run multiple hydraulic hookups. The internal parts use the engine to power up separate parts of the machine being used, which can increase the convenience and efficiency as well as make it cheaper that installing another motor.

There are plenty of things that you may want to know about the power take off clutch. If you think that you need one or more of these in your vehicle, you can ask a local auto parts store for more information. Visit the website for more details.

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