How Online Vehicle Insurance Helps Drivers Fulfill Their Insurance Requirements

Texas drivers follow auto insurance laws to prevent criminal penalty. The state requires them to present proof of coverage at any time they are stopped of law enforcement. They present insurance cards when they register a new vehicle or renew their registration. Online Vehicle Insurance affords them with the option to purchase insurance via their computer or mobile devices.

What are the Insurance Requirements for Texas?

Currently, drivers need liability coverage only. The basic coverage allotments are $30,000 for injuries and $60,000 for the entire accident. The property damage coverage requirement is $25,000. Although it isn’t required, drivers are encouraged to utilize under-insured motorist coverage.

What are the Penalties for No Insurance?

The first occurrence of no insurance incurs fines that range between $175 and $350. If the driver receives a new charge, the fines range between $350 and $1,000. The Department of Motor Vehicles or the county suspends the driver’s license and registration. The county impounds the vehicle identified in their case.

What Insurance is Available to High Risk Drivers?

The state of Texas offers an insurance plan for high risk drivers. To qualify for the coverage, the high risk driver needs proof of valid registration and a driver’s license. They need at least two refusals from insurance companies denying coverage. Local insurance companies helps these drivers to acquire coverage if they can’t offer a policy.

Applying for Coverage Online

All drivers have the opportunity to submit an application for coverage online. They complete information about themselves and their vehicles. They identify the type of coverage they need.

After an agent receives this request, they send an email notification or contact the driver by phone. They present details about the coverage to the driver. In this quote, they inform the driver of the required down payment and projected monthly premiums. The driver chooses the policy that best meets their auto insurance requirements. The drivers submit their payments online, if they prefer.

Texas drivers comply with insurance requirements by purchasing at least liability insurance. Online Vehicle Insurance offers a convenient way to fulfill this requirement. To purchase insurance today contact Perdue Insurance Group now.

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