How Long Can I Draw Social Security Disability?

When you are approved for disability benefits, you may feel some relief knowing that your bills and obligations will be covered even though you can no longer work. As much as receiving disability benefits can be comforting news, it is important to bear in mind that those benefits may not last forever. Be prepared with a plan that you can implement if you stop receiving benefits.

Social Security disability benefits can potentially be drawn out until the recipient either goes back to work or is eligible for retirement. These benefits can also stop if the beneficiary is no longer eligible to receive them. Recipients can become ineligible if, during a periodic case review, they are found to be no longer physically challenged and can return to work.

When your condition is reviewed by the SSA (Social Security Administration), they determine whether or not you are still disabled and unable to work. This kind of review is called a “continuing disability review”, also known as a CDR, and it is administered every three to seven years.
If you continue to receive benefits up until your retirement when you retire, your SSDI benefits will become a social security retirement income.

Most disability benefits recipients continue to receive those benefits after a continuing disability review because most conditions do not show signs of improvement over time. Thus, the recipients cannot be deemed eligible to work.

It is hard to prove a medical improvement, just as it is hard to prove one’s condition will leave them disabled and unable to work for more than one year. For these reasons, it is hard to be approved for benefits in the first place, but once they are approved, it is hard to stop the recipient from receiving them.

However, in Atlantic City and most other places, if you are attempting to receive benefits even when your condition has approved, you may be required to pay the Social Security Administration for any overpayments you might have received.

You must plan ahead in case you are no longer eligible to receive disability benefits. Be sure you know what your net move will be, and be prepared with savings.

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