How Disability Lawyers Help Clients Get Social Security Benefits

The majority of Americans are well aware of the Social Security benefits that are available to them upon retirement. This is not so to those that suffer from a debilitating physical or mental disability. Applying for retirement benefits is quite straight forward while applying for Social Security disability is difficult. With almost 75 percent of all applications being denied it is understandable why many applicants rely on disability lawyers in Gloucester for assistance.

There are numerous reasons why disability lawyers are valuable:

Disability lawyers in Gloucester are experienced in making claims on behalf of disabled clients. These lawyers know what is expected by Social Security and they know how to gather the required information from your doctors and employers.

All law is complex; the laws, rules and regulations that apply to Social Security pose a virtual mine-field to those who are not involved. When you engage the services of an experienced disability lawyer you can be assured that all pertinent facts of your case will be investigated, these lawyers can identify the pertinent information and facts that are important to meeting the demands of Social Security law. Although there is no guarantee that your application will be approved without the need for appeal, the likelihood of approval is considerably higher.

If your claim is denied:

Should your claim be denied disability lawyers in Gloucester will review your claim. Knowing that the next step in the process is a hearing in the presence of an administrative judge, your lawyer will prepare you for the hearing based on his or her knowledge of the process and the line of questioning to expect. Your lawyer will be better poised to present your case that you are likely to.

It is always of great value to have seasoned disability lawyers in Gloucester in your corner, lawyers that can make a difference between success and failure. Contact The Law Office of Elizabeth A Patterson to know more.

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