How Claustrophobics Can Conquer MRI

For many claustrophobics, there is little more to fear than an MRI. Due to the nature of MRI machines—patients must lie within a tube-shaped structure during the procedure while a magnetic field and radio waves help to transform the body’s internal organs into a series of detailed images on a computer—some people fear that they will feel too cramped or enclosed. However, there is hope!

1. Ask about receiving an open MRI. Not all MRI machines are designed with the same phobia-inducing tubular design. In fact, some medical imaging offices in Orlando are dedicated specifically to the administration of open MRIs for those with anxiety related to the MRI procedure.

2. Discuss your fears with your radiologist. In some cases, your doctor may choose to prescribe a mildly-sedating medication for you to take about half an hour before the MRI. If you decide to opt for this solution, make sure that someone will be available to drive you home after the procedure

3. Educate yourself about the procedure. Understanding more about MRIs and their purpose is a great way to make the process seem more familiar and less frightening. By getting involved with your MRI, you can feel positively about taking control of your health and better understanding your body.

4. Consider other relaxation methods such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, listening to calming music, or aromatherapy. You can either bring your own CD to listen to or select a radio station. Additionally, bring your favorite perfume or another calming scent to infuse on your pillow.

By speaking to your doctor before receiving an imaging procedure at your Orlando radiology office, you, too, can conquer MRIs and decide on some ways to reduce the stress of this procedure for you. Have confidence in your doctors, in this incredible medical technology, and in yourself—you can do this.

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