How Can Your Smile Be Transformed Through Dental Veneers?

Do you long for an attractive smile, but are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth? Many people seek cosmetic dentistry services each year to help them overcome a variety of cosmetic concerns with their teeth. A Cosmetic Dentist Wichita KS can transform your smile and make it complete. If you have tooth damage, malformations, bad stains or gaps between your teeth, dental veneers can help. Veneers can completely conceal your teeth problems and give you a perfected smile.

To prepare your teeth for veneers, the dentist will carefully cleanse them and make sure all traces of plaque, tartar and food have been removed. The adhesive used to adhere dental veneers in place will not properly adhere to unclean teeth. Once your teeth are clean and dry, the dentist can begin placing your dental veneers.

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are shaped to match your teeth. They are also colored so they will blend in perfectly with your surrounding teeth. In the past, the dentist had to remove a thin sliver of tooth material so the veneer could fit in place. This often caused permanent damage and sensitivity in the teeth.

Today’s veneers are thinner and lighter than ever before, allowing them to be placed over your teeth without any tooth tissue being removed. This allows you to have them removed any time you like, without being worried about your tooth health.

Each veneer is put in place and adhered with a special dental resin. A light is used so the resin immediately hardens and cures. This makes the veneer become a permanent part of your smile and allows all of your cosmetic concerns to be covered.

If you are tired of the way your smile looks and wish you had more attractive teeth, visit Aside from dental veneers, they can also offer you a wide array of cosmetic treatments. Your smile can finally be transformed, allowing you to feel fully confident in your appearance. Allow the dentist to examine your teeth and make a decision on which cosmetic treatments will best benefit your smile. Call today for your appointment.

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