How Can You Know You Need Septic System Repair in Quakertown PA

Though many urban homes have city septic systems, there are still many homes across America that must have septic tanks installed. A septic tank holds the waste products of the home so they can be broken down over time. These tanks must be pumped every five years to make sure they do not become overfilled. Though septic tanks are meant to be fairly maintenance-free, there are some issues that can begin to develop. Fortunately, a septic tank will emit some warning signs when it needs service. By paying heed to these warning signs, homeowners can know when they need to call for Septic System Repair in Quakertown, PA.

These common warning signs should never be ignored, or a huge mess could result:

     *      Sewer smells coming from toilets, sinks, the backyard, or the sewer vent pipe

     *      Gurgling sounds in the main line when a dishwasher or washing machine begin to drain

     *      Pooling wetness around the area of the septic tank

     *      Rich grass growth in the septic tank area

     *      Frequent toilet clogs

     *      Backup of sewage in sinks, toilets and tubs

If any of these signs are present, it is crucial a homeowner seeks Septic System Repair in Quakertown, PA. If a homeowner continues to ignore these signs, they will only worsen and eventually, sewer waste will backup into the home and cause a big mess, along with exposing the family and home to parasites and bacteria.

If a homeowner does not call for repairs, they could end up needing an entirely new tank installed which can lead to a big expense and the need for back-hoeing the property. It is important for homeowners to understand and heed the warning signs their septic system may be exhibiting. It is also crucial homeowners call for maintenance service as often as recommended so their tanks will not overfill and become damaged.

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