How Can Dental Crowns Benefit You?

The first thing you should know is that dental crowns in Chicago are made specifically to cover one of your teeth entirely from top to bottom. People have dental crowns placed in their mouths for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Almost everybody has heard of crowns, very few have a true understanding of how they can benefit from them.

A Crown Can Lessen Your Pain

To begin with after having a procedure such as a root canal or any other restorative procedure, it is recommended that a crown be placed to protect the tooth. If the tooth that required treatment was badly decayed or was fractured or checked, the part that is left is going to be vulnerable and may still cause you some discomfort. A crown will protect it from further damage or from hot and cold sensitivity.

A Simple Procedure

Contrary to popular belief, having a dental crown placed in Chicago is a simple procedure which is considerably less invasive than people imagine. The first step is to make sure that you tooth is clean and then the dentist will shape the letter will be able to hold crown securely. That is followed by what may be the most important step, taking an impression of your tooth to be sent out for a professional to carefully handcraft the perfect crown for your mouth. The final touch is one is placed over your tooth and bonded with a strong cement.

Crowns Enhance Your Teeth

While dental crowns are used as part of many restorative procedures, they can offer you great cosmetic benefits as well. When you fit them over a tooth, they can cover up years of stains, cracks and chips, as well as fractured teeth. Family Dental Care can help you retain and improve your smile. Like us on our facebook page.

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