How Can a Chiropractor Help With Neck Pain in St Louis?

When neck pain strikes, it is normally relieved in a short amount of time, outside of injury. If neck pain becomes chronic, it can prevent a person from living a normal life. Unfortunately, neck pain can often spread to the head and shoulders which can further complicate a person’s ability to move and function normally. Instead of taking medication to relieve the pain, many people seek treatment from a chiropractor. Those suffering from Neck Pain in St Louis can relieve their pain with a chiropractic treatment.

Neck pain is sometimes caused by referred pain that is actually occurring lower in the spine. There are many nerves branching off of the cervical spine and when these nerves become compressed, they can cause a person’s neck to become stiff and painful. It is important one seeks care as soon as possible, so they do not experience permanent damage to the nerves in their neck.

A person who is dealing with neck pain will need to have a full chiropractic examination so the doctor can find the cause of their neck pain. The doctor will need to find where the pain is originating so the right treatment can be put in place. Often, the pain is caused by subluxations occurring in the cervical or thoracic spine. When a subluxation is causing the compression of the nerves, it can lead to serious pain and an inability to properly control neck movements.

A chiropractor can skillfully move the vertebrae back into the proper position, so the nerves are no longer being compressed. Many people will need ongoing treatments until the supportive muscles and tissues in the upper back and neck are healed and able to properly support the spine and prevent subluxations from occurring.

As the treatments progress, they will eventually lead to maintenance treatments to keep the spine in good shape and prevent pain. A chiropractor can help a person overcome their chronic Neck Pain in St Louis. If you are dealing with neck pain, Contact Back And Neck Care Center. They can find the reason for your pain and use natural treatments to help stop its progression and bring healing.

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