How Birmingham, AL Moving Companies Prepare Accurate Estimates

When hiring moving companies in Birmingham, AL, it is important to understand the type of estimate you are receiving, and what that means with regards to the final price you will pay.

The In-Home Survey

The top moving companies use highly trained, experienced and very knowledgeable representatives to prepare an accurate estimate of the cost of the move. This is a critical component as without this in-person examination of what is to be moved it is virtually impossible to know the size of the truck to send or the amount of cost for the move.

The in-home survey typically takes less than an hour, and you will walk with the professional through the home, indicating any items that are not going to be moved and providing information on the move.

Unfortunately, many people believe that moving companies can complete this estimate over the phone or by a checklist online. People doing this often find option provides them with a very low estimate that looks great, but this is only an estimate, and can easily double or triple once the household contents are loaded on the truck.

Types of Estimates

When moving companies come and prepare an in-home survey, they are confident in providing what is known as a binding estimate. This means that they are willing to stipulate, in writing, the amount you will pay for the move provided there are no unforeseen issues or requests for additional services. These, of course, will be added on to the estimate should they occur.

There are two types of estimates where you are assured you pay a specific price or not more than a specific price. The first one is a binding estimate, which is the amount you will pay if the actual load weight is over or under the estimate.

The second type of estimate is a binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is an advantage to you as it provides a binding estimate for the move but, should the actual weight be less than the estimated amount, you will pay the lower amount.

The third and the least recommended option is the non-binding estimate. This is typically offered when moving companies in Birmingham, AL, use a phone call or an online checklist to complete the survey. Since they are quoting a price based on what you report you have in the home, they give you the estimate but bill you based on the weight on the truck.

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