How a Motivational Speaker can Repair Morale after Downsizing

A Motivational Speaker for Business can often help repair morale issues that might occur following downsizing or restructuring. Many people will feel a sense of fear and resentment following a downsizing even though they managed to keep their jobs. Here are a few good reasons to hire a motivational speaker for business to help with change management:

  • New Voice: Often there is some resentment towards management following a restructuring or downsizing. This can happen for a number of reasons, from people losing a lunch buddy to people being dropped down a notch or overlooked in the shuffling. It takes a new voice to reach your team and help get them focused on the positive aspects of the changes. Management and business owners are often looked at with suspicion when they try to make the old “we are all fine” speech following major company changes. A new voice can be more empathetic and keep people from blocking out your message.
  • Lucky Ones: It can be hard to convince those still standing they are the lucky ones if you are the person who is perceived to have just fired a bunch of people. A motivational speaker for business will be able to take a neutral stance and let people know why they are the lucky ones. They will take a fresh view on what is happening and be able to motivate people to come on board with the changes and encourage them to want to help make things work. Motivational speakers can help make people feel special that they were chosen to remain as important and vital members of the team which will encourage them to get back to work and keep proving their worth.
  • Trustworthy: If people are feeling vulnerable following a major change in the business they are going to look at management with suspicion and mistrust. Having a new face speak to the team and help the healing process begin can often help to rebuild trust of management. It will show you see that the team is probably feeling a little uncertain with what is to come and that you have decided to take the first step in healing wounds so you can all move forward.

It is never easy for the “survivors” of a restructure or downsizing plan to accept the changes that have occurred. A motivational speaker for business purposes will offer a message to keep people motivated to carry on and be grateful they are still employed.

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for business, Doug Dvorak is the guy to hire. He uses humor and insight to keep your team motivated.

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