How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Social Security Disability Benefits

Preparing an application for Social Security disability benefits can be very frustrating. The process demands that the application be supported by a great deal of substantiating documentation that serves to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you actually are disabled to the point that you cannot perform any meaningful work.

To a disabled individual the amount of work required in making the application can be overwhelming or perhaps the initial application was made, only for it to be denied. In either case it is advisable to hire a Social Security lawyer in Knox County to help with the process, whether it is the application or the numerous steps in the appeal procedure. As the Social Security Administration demand a great deal of information you should get a head start on compiling the data; your lawyer will want a detailed accounting of your medical records including the medications you have taken, the medications that you are currently taking, a listing of all medical personnel that have been involved in your case as well as the facilities where care was given. With this information your lawyer can put forward a compelling case, one which can be supported with tangible evidence.

What are the benefits of having a lawyer?

Many people that apply for Social Security disability benefits wait until their initial application has been denied before they hire a Social Security lawyer in Knox County. As about three quarters of all applications are denied it actually is a good idea to hire your lawyer to assist with the application. A lawyer that focuses his or her practice on representing disabled individuals knows through experience what the Social Security Administration is looking for and how they want it prepared and presented. One of the most common reasons for denial of benefits is the simple omission of information that is required or the articulation of the disability was not clear, concise and complete. When you are supported by a lawyer you will not have to concern yourself with these details. Your lawyer will go through the entire process with you, explaining what the reasons are for all this information and how it can influence the eventual outcome of the process.

Even though you have elected to hire a lawyer there is no guarantee that the initial application will be successful; if the application is denied your lawyer will immediately react by filing an appeal.  One genuine benefit of hiring a lawyer at the outset is the fact that he or she will be intimate with your claim and no time will be wasted in asking for reconsideration or filing for a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge.

If you have a physical or mental disability that stops you from being able to earn a living then getting disability benefits as quickly as possible is important. A seasoned Social Security lawyer in Knox County can make a significant difference. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. and ask for a free case evaluation.

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