How A Jewelry Repair Store In Leominster, MA Can Make Your Old Jewelry Look New Again

Over time, a jewelry box can fill up with items that are too expensive to throw out, but no longer in good condition to wear. The most beautiful pieces of jewelry can lose their shine with dust and tarnish; moreover, broken chains and clasps, missing gemstones, and sizes that no longer fit can make jewelry unwearable. Fortunately, a Jewelry Repair Store Leominster MA can take an old piece and make it look and work like new.

One of the most common jewelry repairs is re-sizing a ring. Customers ask for this repair when an old ring has become too tight, or when they wish to wear a ring passed down from someone with larger hands. A ring can be made larger either by heating and stretching it or by making a cut in the band and adding additional material. Making a ring smaller also requires cutting the band, removing metal, and re-soldering the edges.

Another common repair is replacing a gemstone that has fallen out of its setting, usually because a prong is worn or broken. The repair can be made by building up the tips of worn prongs by soldering an extra bit of wire at the end of each one. Jewelers can also remove a prong and solder on a new one. Once the setting is fixed, the stone can be replaced, and the prongs tightened to hold it in safely.

If a broken chain has large links, a jeweler may be able to use needle nose pliers to replace a broken link or close an open one. A very fine chain, however, will require soldering. Soldering a very tiny piece of metal requires special techniques; some jewelers use the aperture in a razor blade to focus on a small area.

To clean old pieces of jewelry, professional jewelers first buff the metal on a wheel, removing any scratches or abrasions on the surface. This restores shine to the metal. Then, they immerse the jewelry in a chemical solution and use an ultra-sonic cleaner to remove a particles of dust and dirt that cling to the piece. Steam cleaning provides the finishing touch.

Almost any piece of jewelry can be cleaned and repaired, no matter what condition it’s in. However, it’s important to find a trustworthy jeweler with a reputation for doing excellent work. If you’re looking for a Jewelry Repair Store Leominster MA, visit Elliott’s Jewelers.

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