How A Flat Rate Answering Service Saves Money

There are many different options for businesses of all types from medical facilities and clinics to property management companies to utilize answering services. In the past, the only option available for businesses requiring emergency contact of on-call staff was the call center or live operator option.

Not only was this potentially very costly, but it also resulted in significant problems for those calling in. During high volume times, clients or patients calling into the service may have been kept on hold for extended periods of time, leading to more hang-ups and higher customer or patient dissatisfaction.

Get Rid of Pay Per Use Plans
The best option to avoid these issues, including the ever rising costs and all the additional fees with emergency calls and messages, is to go with a flat rate answering service. This is a set fee per month, regardless of the number of calls or messages, and it is considered an ideal option for any size of medical offices, healthcare facilities, or property management companies.

Within the category of flat rate answering service options, there are really two to consider. One uses live operators and the other offers a fully customizable virtual answering service that is literally on-call 24/7.

Live Operator Flat Rate Plans
If it sounds too good that live operator companies may really offer flat rate services, it really is. These companies do offer a flat rate, but typically up to a maximum number of calls, then additional fees and charges are added.

Additionally, to offset the costs of live services, the company usually works with very few staff in the call center, and those employees are answering phones for all types of businesses, with little or no specific training or knowledge.

For a medical service this essential as it will highly unlikely you will find a live operator flat rate answering service that is HIPPA compliant, leaving you liable for breaches of information and other irregularities that can result in insurance coverage problems and even fines.

Virtual Phone Systems
The answer to this issue, that still provides a true flat rate system is to use a virtual answering service. The client or patient is assured of an answer on the first ring, the ability to leave a message or to request emergency response, and to have that information provided in their own words.

In addition, with this virtual flat rate answering service HIPPA compliance can be built into the system, ensuring your medical facility is fully in compliance at all times during the call and messaging process.

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