Honoring the Navy with Navy Challenge Coins

The tradition of honoring the men and women who have served the United States with a challenge coin began with the United States Air Force. Soon, other defensive forces of the country adopted the tradition, creating their own variation of a challenge coin. In particular, the United States Army picked up the tradition and began to create and award their naval units with navy challenge coins.

The Significance behind the Navy Challenge Coins
The tradition of awarding the brave and courageous men and women of the country became an important part of the defensive forces. The navel challenge coins were seen as a way to create a lasting bond between the several naval units at the same time applaud them for joining the Navy and helping to protect the civilians from harm.

Since then, the color and design of the navy challenge coins have received a complete revamp. If you compare the design of challenge coins with the ones given to former naval men and women, you will fund a significant difference between the two.

Now, reputable challenge coin maker companies see to it that they present the naval units with a unique representation of coin by crafting it meticulously and highlighting all the important characteristics and aspects of the United States Navy.

The History of the United States Navy
Page after page is filled with tales of bravery of the daring and bold servicemen and women who have served the United States. It all began in the 1775, the year the United States navy was established. They were involved in over ten wars and fought numerous battles since its formation.

To this day, they continue to train the new naval recruits, preparing them for encounters with the enemy of the state. Their job might not be on the battlefield, but it is just as important, as without them, the waters surrounding the United States would remain unprotected.

If no one protects the waters, enemies will see it as an easy gateway into the United States. Hence, the role of the United States Navy is a critical one. By awarding them with navy challenge coins, you are conveying to them that their service, commitment, and sacrifice to the country did not go unaccounted for, but they played a vital part in making sure the freedom of the citizens of the United States remained preserved.

The navy challenge coins are a great way to honor the navy, military, and other branches of the United States. However, challenge coins are not only available for the heroes of the country, but organizations can also place an order to create one for their employees who have exceeded all expectations. If you are looking for to create a challenge coin, look no further than Embleholics.

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