Home Movers Can Help Knoxville Customers Simplify the Unpacking Process

When you hire home movers to handle your move, how they unload the truck, place your boxes and arrange your furniture can make it a lot easier on you when you arrive at your new residence and are ready to unpack.

Locate and Unpack Your Box of Essentials First
If you didn’t bring this box in the car with you to your new location, it should have been the first box taken off the truck by your home movers. Knoxville customers are all different and will have their own idea of what goes into an essentials box. However standard items would include toothpaste, medications, first aid kit, toilet paper, etc.

Have the Movers Place Larger Pieces of Furniture
By the time you arrive at your new location, you should have a good idea of where you want to place your furniture. Direct the movers to put furniture where you’d like it, as soon as it comes off the truck. Larger pieces such as wall units, couches and big screen TVs should be placed where you want them to stay, so that you won’t have to struggle to rearrange these larger pieces later.

Direct Traffic
All of your boxes should be clearly marked indicating their contents or the room in which they belong. Act as a traffic guide, directing the movers to specific rooms so that it will be easier to unpack the boxes when you’re ready to do so.

Install and Check That Appliances are Functioning
If you purchased new appliances and brought them with you from Knoxville, or elsewhere, ask the movers to take the old ones out if the previous owner has left them behind. Appliances are heavy and awkward so you’re best to leave this task to trained home movers. Knoxville customers who need a dose of caffeine to keep going, should also hook up smaller appliances, such as the coffee maker, which will come in handy on moving day and the following morning.

Assemble Essential Furniture First
You’ll definitely be needing a good night’s sleep on the first night in your new home, so the beds are the first pieces of furniture that need to be assembled. The dining room table is another. If you’re serving refreshments or ordering pizza once the move is over, it would be nice to be able to sit down to enjoy it.

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