Hiring The Nursing Home Injury Attorneys In Orange County, NY

The latest figures show over half-a-million seniors are abused or neglected each year. It is frightening to think the number may be higher. That is because some seniors are afraid to report it. The Centers for Disease Control says people over sixty are susceptible to neglect, abandonment and various forms of abuse. The government calls these criminal behaviors, “elder abuse.” Unfortunately, incidents are increasing, especially in nursing homes. Sadly, sexual abuse is becoming more widespread in nursing homes.

If you or a loved one are victims, contact Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Orange County NY. Interestingly, most of Mark Aberasturi’s cases focus on areas of elder law. The Attorney and staff investigates to find out how your loved one was injured. The nursing home is liable for harm to patients if the incident can be blamed on one of the following:

* hiring errors

* not enough staff

* insufficient training

* violating government regulations

* medication mistakes

There are ways to make sure a nursing home is a safe facility. For instance, the facility should be certified by Medicare and Medicaid. Additionally, the nursing home should offer special care to patients with dementia and alzheimer’s disease. Many facilities have special wings for these patients so they can get extra attention. Family members should make sure they visit often. This way, they can check on the care a resident receives. Further, the facility should have activities for the residents. Activities like religious services, games and exercise help them maintain a normal routine.

If the Nursing Home Injury Attorneys Orange County NY file suit, they must prove certain points. First, the nursing home owed a duty of care to the resident. This is easy to prove because the injured party lives at the facility. Next, it must be proven that the duty of care to the resident was breached. And, the resident was injured or killed as a result. Damages may be recovered for medical expenses, and physical and mental pain and suffering. Additionally, the court may award punitive damages to the victim. If you suspect someone is abused, report it. Seniors should not be abused during their golden years.

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