Hire Car Accident Attorneys in Harford County, MD to Handle Employer Liability Cases

If an auto accident happens when one drives a vehicle in the course of their daily work, the employer may be liable. This is typically a problem in instances where a commercial driver causes a crash, and the employer faces a lawsuit. In any instance, the employer’s liability depends on whether there’s a legal reason to blame the company.

When Does Liability Arise for an Employer?

There are different ways car accident attorneys in Harford County, MD can hold an employer liable for an employee’s auto accident: vicarious liability, negligent supervision and employer negligence.

* Negligence by the employer. The negligence could involve the employee’s hiring or supervision. When a firm hires someone to drive a company car, they have a duty to exercise diligence in ensuring the driver is a safe one. The employer should verify that the worker has a CDL in good standing, and they should check the person’s driving history and screen for drug use.

* Negligent supervision is a different way for employers to be held liable. Companies should have safety policies, and they should ensure that all drivers follow safety rules. This means that if a company hires truck drivers, the firm should ensure that they follow logging requirements set by state and federal law. If the employer does not check to see if the worker is doing their job reasonably carefully and skillfully, the employer could be held liable for their negligence.

* Vicarious liability does not require negligence on the employer’s part. Legal doctrine asserts that an agent’s actions are equivalent to those of the principal. However, the rule applies only if the employee is actually performing job duties when the accident happens. There are usually exceptions for intentional acts done by the worker.

Finding Legal Help

If one is involved in an auto accident where employer liability may come into play, they should consult car accident attorneys in Harford County, MD right away. The lawyer with Markeylawfirm.com can explain to the client which liability rules apply in a particular case, and the attorney can explain how one’s legal rights can be protected based on the circumstances of the accident.

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