Hire a Custody Lawyer in Douglasville GA When Your Teen Wants to Live With You

7054371_lAccording to Georgia law, a child over the age of 14 can choose which of their parents they want to live with the majority of the time. If your child has expressed a desire to live with you but their other parent is opposed to the change in custody, you may need a lawyer. It is important to get a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid confusing your child and possibly making it harder for them to express their true feelings to a family court judge. The sooner you contact a Custody Lawyer in Douglasville GA, the faster your case can get to court and your situation can be resolved.


Though your child has a right to decide where they will primarily live, custody cases can be more difficult after the parents’ divorce is finalized. The court will not only have to amend the original custody order, but will also have to terminate child support and possibly make a new child support order. When the custodial parent is not in agreement with the change and claims that their child’s other parent is unfit, the court may have to order an investigation. The entire process can be confusing to the child, especially if their other parent wants them to continue to live in their home.


An experienced Custody Lawyer in Douglasville GA may be able to help you deal with the emotions related to filing for custody so you can help your child. You should be able to trust your attorney to give you advice that will benefit your family not just during the custody case, but further down the road as you adjust to life with your teenager in your home full time. Your lawyer may recommend support groups or other community resources to help during the transition period as you and your child get to know each other again. Your child may have to get used to an entirely new set of rules and restrictions and meet new friends in a different school district. Support can be useful during this time and ease the stress of being in a different environment. For more details visit Dsternlieblaw.com.


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