Help Control the Pet Population with Spay and Neuter in Mesa AZ

Animals have a natural desire to reproduce whenever they feel the urge when they mature along with other side effects. As an example of one of these side effects, during the maturation stage, if the animal is a female dog, bleeding occurs and drips wherever the dog walks if they are not inseminated and not wearing a diaper. If the animal is a male dog, the dog lifts their leg throughout the day to urinate and mark their territory on various items inside the home and outside the home. These two side effects may eventually become bothersome to the dog owner. To remedy this behavior, the pet owner may choose to Spay and Neuter their pet.

If you are searching for a Veterinarian that can spay and neuter in Mesa AZ, can provide information regarding the process and the doctors that may be performing the surgery. A female animal is spayed and a male animal is neutered. The process involves evaluating the condition of the animal through numerous laboratory tests and physical examinations. The animal is then made unconscious through the use of localized anesthesia by a certified technician. The animal is surgically cut near their gonads and the reproductive organs are surgically removed. The animal is then sewn back up, given pain medicine and awaken from their sleep. The animal is then closely monitored for at least twenty-four hours to ensure no infections are contracted.

After the procedure is completed and evaluations are satisfactory, the animal is released to the owner. It is important for pet owners to have their pets spay and neuter in Mesa AZ to reduce the stray pet population. When an animal is not spayed or neutered, they exhibit aggressive behavior, they sometimes become violent and often escape from the home to roam the street looking for a partner to mate with. The animal may be so aggressive that they kill other animals in their way. After the surgery, the animal usually becomes more attentive, calm, follows directions better and barks less. Animals are recommended to be spayed or neutered after three months, but preferably after twelve months old to avoid Urinary Incontinence due to a weak bladder.
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